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Bachelor Degree Courses (Ranchi University)

    B.A.Honours Course

         There will be three year (six Semester) B.A. Honours and B.A./B.Com. GEN  Course under C.B.C.S  System.

         For admission to the Course for the Honours degree in any subjectit shall be necessary for a student to have obtained not             less than 45% marks at the Intermediate Examination in the subject concerned.

        The applicant for the B.A. (Honours) Course shall choose one Honours subject and two subsidiary subjects from the  following: –

    Honours Subjects Available

  •    Political Science

  •    Hindi

  •    Economics

  •    Urdu

     Subsidiary Subjects Available

           Political Science/Philosophy

         A candidate shall choose either (a) or (b) language paper
        (a) M.I.L. Hindi – One full paper of 100 marks for each of the part I and part II Examinations.
        (b) Non Hindi – (50 marks) and one of the following languages (50 marks) for each of the part I and part II Examination, and

       Alt.  English/Urdu/Nagpuri.

       Bachelor Degree Courses (Ranchi University) General Course

       B.Com. General / B.A General Course for three year (six Semester)

    Under C.B.C.S system.